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Vintage WonderBrat Comic Books!

WB book 1 real small

I started drawing WonderBrat comic books waaaaaaaaaay back in 1979, if you can believe it!  I drew 11 books in all – space and time constraints don’t really permit me to scan the books in their entirety, but I’m hoping to include them in Hamster Tails books someday, if I’m fortunate enough to publish books!

To view the covers, though, and learn more about them, click here.


WonderBrat in the Newspaper!

Mini Page WB small2


My hometown newspaper, The Record-Courier, used to run a feature called the Mini Page.  It appeared in papers around the country, but you could also submit drawings to run just in your local paper, which I did, and, much to my great surprise, they actually printed it!

You may notice that after Zitman’s name it says Mike Fetters in parenthesis.  Zitman was loosely based on my brother Mike.  He had a few zits back in the day (so did I, but he, being older, had ‘em first, so he got to be Zitman).  He was living in California when this cartoon ran in the paper, but as luck would have it, he was visiting home at the time that it ran, and got to see his name in the local paper!

I am lucky to have a family with a decent sense of humor!


WonderBrat – The College Years!

When I was a student at Kent State, I was lucky enough to get my comic strip in the paper for a year or so.  I will put samples of it here soon!

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